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Diane – “My husband saw me doing [T-Tapp], and [joined]. He said he had less back ache…”

Dear Kiona…Just want to let you know how T-Tapp has helped me recently. I was spending many hours hunkered down over a cross stitch, sometimes as much as 6 hours a day. Because of this, I was inactive, muscles got tight, weak, etc. I started using T-Tapp Basic Workout Plus about 2-3 weeks ago to loosen up and get moving again. It has made a huge difference! My husband saw me doing it, and has done it several times. He said he had less back ache, and the numbness that he usually has in one of his toes was less. He actually was mad at me today because I did it without him!!! Thanks for introducing me to it.

Diane – Mt. Rainier, MD

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Jan – “T-Tapp has returned to me a great range of motion”

Several years ago, I realized that I had to get back to the gym and get exercising regularly. I met Kiona in the gym where I was teaching and she introduced me to T-Tapp and her local weekly class. Here was a no-impact (and strangely, no-music) course guaranteed to make me lose inches and tone up. I was in a class with people who would never cut it in a high impact class and all of us saw changes not only in our figures, but in our abilities. This class raised my energy levels, tightened up my lose skin and relaxed tight muscles. The latter was very important for me, because I noticed that I was losing my range of motion, especially in my neck and shoulders. When I would back out of a parking place in my car, it was difficult to turn my head enough for a good view...

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Carolyn – “Kiona is an outstanding Trainer. She instructs at a pace we can absorb…”

I am a pretty active 66 year old lady with a fairly common set of alignment, aches and pains, and flexibility issues. I dance but don’t exercise beyond that. My visits to my chiropractor had increased and I was seeing Dr. Hudock, several times a week. About three years ago, I was introduced to T-Tapp through Nikken CardioStrides and fell in love with Theresa’s core-building workouts. However, I didn’t do the workout regularly.

I took T-Tapp workshops with different trainers, including Theresa Tapp herself, but knew I needed regularly workshops with a trainer to get the results and personal commitment I needed. I talked with Kiona and suggested she do some workshops in Richmond, where we had never had a visit from a T-Tapp trainer.

Kiona, now comes to Richmond or Charlottesville regul...

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Katrina – “…T-Tapp is the best workout for the time put in — and I feel great doing it!”

Kiona….Thank you so much for the T-Tapp classes — If it was not for you, I would not have improved in T-Tapp so much! Thanks for all your great tips — I am REALLY glad I came to the classes because I realized that T-Tapp is the best workout for the time put in — and I feel great doing it! I got a much deeper understanding of what I was trying to do when I was working out — It was so fun too 🙂 I am planning to keep up my T-Tapp now that I have moved from Maryland to Illinois and I wish you the best with classes! I will really miss them!

Katrina – Champaign, IL

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KJ – “Just having someone behind me that believes I can do this means a lot”

Kiona. . . . . . . . .thanks again for your support, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. Just having someone behind me that believes I can do this means a lot. So many times at work, I’m ALWAYS the one trying to convince everyone else that they can do this, that or the other, and I never get support. Everyone thinks because I’m small that I don’t have issues, well. . . . . I’ve had High Blood Pressure since I was 25, everyone else in my family has Heart Disease but me, and Cellulite plagues my skin Most of my co-workers are a good deal larger than I am, and they just don’t understand my concerns; my need to simply EAT, and the fact that I want to feel and look THE BEST I CAN at the ripe old age of 40.

Your help, concern and support means the world to me, I’m soo thankful I’ve found y...

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B – “Kiona provided great motivation by sharing her own story and personal tips”

Kiona provided great motivation by sharing her own story and personal tips. If I can only fit in a few moves a day, it’s more than I’m doing now. And if I do them with good form, I’ll still see inch loss! So as you can tell, I’m motivated. I did the BWO+ 3 days in a row now. I’m going for a 14 day bootcamp. But if I can’t, I’ll just rest for a day and keep going. Starting slowly but diligently now will get me to my goal quicker than waiting until 6 months before the wedding and trying to kill myself with the full workout. Thank goodness for Kiona! Check out the rest of my post on line!

B- Baltimore, MD

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Kim M – “…my migraines have been less severe and less frequent…”

I wanted to let you know how great I have felt after each of the three sessions [of your Mini-Clinics] I attended, and how much I enjoyed the series. It’s certainly been the most valuable fitness instruction I’ve ever received, and I would love to go to anything you ever do here in No. VA in the future.
I also want to share that my migraines have been less severe and less frequent in the past two weeks or so. Although I’ve been making other big changes in order to control them (the meds I take, being very strict about avoiding foods that are known triggers, and basically a total Attitude Overhaul!), I can’t help but think that T-Tapp has played a role in the relief I have been getting...

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Bridget T – “…Day 3 and my posture is better, my abdomen flatter; i.e., I look better in my clothing.”

Thanks so much for your time and patience. You were always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had about T-Tapping. And a special ‘Thank You’ for helping me to receive my CRT, BWO+, and Total Workout so promptly (the same day). Thanks, that was awesome. I have been tapping since Saturday, and 3 days later I still feel the benefits of the program. This is one of the best exercise programs that I have used. I have used step and other aerobic tapes, but I have not seen results achieved as quickly as I have while tapping. Here it is Day 3 and my posture is better, my abdomen flatter; i.e., I look better in my clothing. Also, through years of weight training, I have achieved more muscle definition in the chest area than I ever achieved doing flys and chest presses...

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SJ – “I lost more than 4″ from a 3 1/2 hour clinic!”

I had a chance to go to a clinic with Kiona (my first clinic) on Saturday, and in the interest of scientific research, I measured myself on Saturday morning and again this morning, to see if I’d show any inch loss from the clinic. Did I! I lost more than 4″ from a 3 1/2 hour clinic! I did no workout the following day, except for walking around town and a bit of stretching to work out some (ok, a LOT of) soreness. So that inch loss is purely from the clinic. The only place I measured that hasn’t shown any loss is my waist, BUT I am only 3/8″ over my lowest ever waist measurement (pre-baby, that was) and I am still so sore around my ribs and waist I suspect that I’m still holding onto some swelling there...

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LR – “I find T-Tapp an effective tool to exercise the full body when you have limited capability due to illness or time constraints”

I have been a dancer all my life.  I even had the privilege of working at the Martha Graham Dance Company for several years before coming to the American Ballet Company.  When you first showed me T-Tapp and told me that there was dance theory in it, I couldn’t believe how ” Graham-esque” it was and how SORE I was after just a 15-minute workout!  Today, however, I have the full gamete, Fibro, Chronic fatigue, Chronic Epstein Bar and possibly other autoimmune disorders.  While I’m just getting back on my feet, I find T-Tapp an effective tool to exercise the full body when you have limited capability due to illness or time constraints. AND while I’m sore the next day it doesn’t take me a week to recover like it does when I go to the gym...

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