Carolyn – “Kiona is an outstanding Trainer. She instructs at a pace we can absorb…”

I am a pretty active 66 year old lady with a fairly common set of alignment, aches and pains, and flexibility issues. I dance but don’t exercise beyond that. My visits to my chiropractor had increased and I was seeing Dr. Hudock, several times a week. About three years ago, I was introduced to T-Tapp through Nikken CardioStrides and fell in love with Theresa’s core-building workouts. However, I didn’t do the workout regularly.

I took T-Tapp workshops with different trainers, including Theresa Tapp herself, but knew I needed regularly workshops with a trainer to get the results and personal commitment I needed. I talked with Kiona and suggested she do some workshops in Richmond, where we had never had a visit from a T-Tapp trainer.

Kiona, now comes to Richmond or Charlottesville regularly to hold T-Tapp clinics. I go to every clinic and have even gone to her clinics in Maryland. My form is improving and my stamina as well. I am working out at home on a regular basis and I can tell a difference. My spine stays in alignment so well, that my chiropractor, Dr. Brycen Hudock, commented on my improved alignment and ability to retain the alignment. In fact, we have been able to space our visits out, so that I only go to his office once in two weeks, now. My flexibility is improving; my head turns more easily and with greater range. My injured shoulder is improving. But more important, I am learning how to take care of my own fitness doing T-Tapp.

Kiona is an outstanding Trainer. She instructs at a pace we can absorb, gives us extensive and pertinent information about the way the body moves and heals as she leads us through T-Tapp routines. She spots our weaknesses and works with us to improve our form and our results. Kiona is very knowledgeable about both the body and fitness and shares that information with us. She is patient and understanding while helping us raise the bar on fitness. I am losing inches and pounds.

In October, several of us went with Kiona to Safety Harbor, FL, for a T-Tapp Fitness Retreat. Over that weekend, I was able to loose a total of 11.5 inches, which I could not have done without my year with Kiona. When I returned, Kiona had more T-Tapp workouts here; so we could apply the things we learned. We are so very lucky to have Kiona working with us here in Central Virginia. I know I am getting older, in years; but believe me am certainly not aging. With T-Tapp, I am moving, dancing, living, and looking like a much younger woman.

Carolyn – Goochland, VA
Older – Just not Aging

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