Amber C. – “In 7 days of T-Tapping I could see a difference already in how my muscles were longer and leaner”

I started T-Tapping for two reasons (1)  I needed a workout that would rehab my post-op knee without too much impact, and (2)  my friend Kiona from RPI is a T-Tapp trainer and highly recommended the workout to me.  Obviously I didn’t know much about T-Tapp [because] I was worried about it not being challenging enough!  T-Tapp is completely counter to the “conventional wisdom” but is far more effective than the weight lifting routines I learned when I did my ACE PT certification.  Conventional wisdom says that the more you do, the more you HAVE to do, and then trainers wonder how/why people start having joint problems and overtraining injuries.  That’s certainly what happened to me, by the time I got to my goal, I had to do SO much to maintain that taking a week or two off to recover from overtraining injuries resulted in a 10+ pound weight gain and eventually an eating disorder [when] overtraining injuries made it impossible for me to maintain my workout routine.

In 7 days of T-Tapping I could see a difference already in how my muscles were longer and leaner.  The cuts in my arms started to look long and smooth, instead of round and bulky.  The back/hip fat thinned out enough that I could feel the bones on the BACK of my pelvis.  Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I could feel those bones????  And I haven’t been dieting AT ALL, which is even more amazing to me.  Awesome!

In 2 weeks, I lost the size I gained over the holidays and my flexibility improved to the point where I’m MORE flexible than I was when I did yoga.  I have not dieted at all, taking in 2500 calories a day or more with bread, chocolate, sugar, whatever I want.

Even after I spent an hour and a half shoveling 7 inches of snow from my driveway and my lower back was on FIRE,15 minutes of T-Tapp, and the pain was gone again.  This workout is so rehabilitative.  Plus, I played  in a volleyball tournament and my quads weren’t even sore, and I played my little heart out.  I was hitting very well, so my lower back really hurt when I got home.  (a good hitter arches her back and snaps forward, like a bow) but I did  Basic+ and by the time I was done, my back didn’t hurt anymore.  In fact, my back felt GREAT the next day.  A couple of girls on my volleyball team seem pretty excited about working out with me – they have noticed the difference that T-Tapp has made on my game.

The next time you have a skeptical potential client (like me!) wondering if Total Workout will be strenuous enough…I hit my max heart rate after about 2 months after starting Tapping (not during hoe downs but right after – during Torso Twist).  174.  I didn’t know my heart rate still went that high, ha-ha!  And even more, I’d pay THOUSANDS of dollars for something if it kept me (and my joints!) strong & healthy and I could eat whatever I want without dieting. But I haven’t with T-Tapp, thank you Kiona!

Amber C. – Latham, NY