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Would YOUR Knee have Survived?

by Kiona Leah

Coming out of my first aerial you will see me hop off my left foot, it’s because my shoe slipped as I landed. No one’s fault, except a bad heel on a shoe.

Kiona Dancing AerialKiona Dancing Landing

Would YOUR Knee have Survived?  Keep in mind he’s 6’-4” tall so here I’m over 4’ off the ground . Well mine didn’t exactly either…You can see when I landed my left knee (on the right on the screen) wobbled and the foot is still facing forward. My meniscus, medial collateral ligament and patellar tendons were partially torn and several of the ligaments stretched and strained…however, watch the video I kept dancing for a while….because T-Tapp made me strong enough to minimize damage and be stable. Full recovery, without surgery…Yes I CAN!!!

What did I do to rebuild my knee?
I thought I would share with everyo...

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