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Slower Loser Survival Guide (Post 4 of 4) Tip #3 – Adrenal/Kidney exhaustion…reduce that STRESS

The adrenals are our vital energy regulators. These very important little “hats” on the kidneys are the glands primarily responsible for the stress response in the body. If we are under constant stress these little glands will eventually become exhausted and will no longer provide us the energy we need for every day tasks. When this happens the body will store all the calories we eat because it has no way to get enough energy to keep the body moving any other way. Dr. Chad often will start with Adrenal issues when he is looking for reasons why a client may be struggling with or have an excess of weight. One major reason for this is because the cortisol that has been primarily blamed for excess belly fat is largely produced in the adrenal glands...

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Slower Loser Guide (Post 3 of 4) Tip #2 – Open up the GI tract

Often in the homeopathic world when someone is struggling with weight your homeopath will look at the GI tract for how clogged up it may be. The most famous example of this is the reports that when he died, Elvis Presley had a 60-lb colon!!! This is scary to think of but in working with clients I have found that this seems to be true.

Starting at the TOP of the digestion process, we have to make sure that we are digesting our food properly. Because so much of the food we eat is processed or grown in depleted soils the enzymes that should be included in the food to aid in our digestion process are missing...

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Slower Loser Guide (Part 2 of 4) Tip #1 – Treat your liver right and your gall bladder

One of the most important organs for detoxing the body is your Liver and if it’s clogged up you have a hard time losing. The liver is the main organ that detoxes the body, it filters everything from toxins in our food, what we drink and the air around us to heavy metals. I always remind everyone that excess fat is a toxin and it has to follow the same path as all other toxins. It will be swept out of the cells by the lymph system filtered through the liver and kidneys and dumped into the GI tract to be eliminated from the body. If the main detox organ is clogged up the fat will just SIT, sometimes IN our mid section. So you want to make sure you are treating your liver right...

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Slow Losers Survival Guide (Part 1 of 4)

I have had several requests from clients to go over WHY they may not be losing. So I said I would do a Slow Loser Survival Guide” in my next newsletter. Well as I sat down to try and make my notes for this I realized that I have SO MANY tips outside workout information that there was NO WAY to get it all in one newsltter. It would take me 6 hours to write and you 2 horus to read. So I am going to split it up over the next several moths by the topics listed below. I hope you enjoy and it gives you LOTS of ideas of how to not only lose those inches, but repair your health for GOOD...

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