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Jana B – Alexandria, VA – After struggling for 7 MONTHS…

Jana Before Jana After

…using regular diet and exercise with no results, I started T-Tapp and private sessions with Kiona. I’m actually down 13 pounds in the last month!! The best news is, MY DRESS FINALLY FITS ME!!! I feel so much better about that, since it didn’t fit and I was feeling so anxious about that! I have gone down at least 3 sizes since starting T-Tapp and am close to going down another. I’ve been getting EVERYONE into T-Tapp. I have gotten both of my parents and my best friend doing T-Tapp since I’ve been home. Plus, we have 6 people in Texas doing it at my friends house. They are all ordering the DVD’s online, and they are starting their own boot camp. I’m also walking 2-3 miles a day. I’m 4 pounds from losing 100 pounds in the last year and a half...

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Carol K. Montgomery Village, MD – 15 Back Surgeries, Walked with a Cane, Homebound lost 24-inches in 13 days!

Carol Before

March 1, 2008

Carol 3 weeks later

March 22, 2008

Carol After

April 28, 2008

My name is Carol and I have quite a story. I am 46 years old and I herniated a disc in 1993. After a Laminectomy, a physical therapist pushed me too far and I ruptured the disc resulting in an additional surgery where the surgeon fractured my sacroiliac joint and crushed my sciatic nerve route. Throughout the next 14+ years I ended up having a total of 15 back surgeries, a pain stimulator implanted to give me any relief from the agony caused by the crushed nerve route, and two infections in my bloodstream that almost killed me. Working with doctors and several physical therapists I have still had several falls when my leg would just give out, broken bones, a torn rotator cuff, and more...

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