Slower Loser Guide (Part 2 of 4) Tip #1 – Treat your liver right and your gall bladder

One of the most important organs for detoxing the body is your Liver and if it’s clogged up you have a hard time losing. The liver is the main organ that detoxes the body, it filters everything from toxins in our food, what we drink and the air around us to heavy metals. I always remind everyone that excess fat is a toxin and it has to follow the same path as all other toxins. It will be swept out of the cells by the lymph system filtered through the liver and kidneys and dumped into the GI tract to be eliminated from the body. If the main detox organ is clogged up the fat will just SIT, sometimes IN our mid section. So you want to make sure you are treating your liver right. Eating lots of green leafy veggies is KEY, also salmon (mercury free please) and half a lemon in boiling water first thing in the morning will help support the liver nutritionally. If yours is still struggling, you can do a liver cleanse. There are TONS of them out there, from the borderline dangerously harsh (grapefruit and olive oil) to the ineffective (anything cheap at the health food store.) I prefer instead of a cleanse to give my liver continual supplemental support with the Nikken Liver Support Supplement. This is a proprietary blend of herbs in artichoke which is also one of the best foods for your liver! I will also take a homeopathic Liver Support from Raquel Rosas my “Hom-E” as we affectionately call her. It is also from Raquel that I learned how INCREDIBLY important the GALL BLADDER is in losing!

When you look at the organs from a more holistic healing perspective, the Gall Bladder is VERY important, unlike what is often pushed in the standard medical fields. Several of you that I work with on a weekly basis have struggled for YEARS without a gall bladder and wondered why you couldn’t lose. The Gall Bladder stores the BILE which is produced by the liver to aid in digestion, which is obviously another important function of the liver. Well, the issue arises for the Liver and losing weight when you start needing the liver to do the detoxing. If it has no storage vessel for the bile it produces, then the majority of it’s energy must be spent making bile on a continual basis to provide even a fraction of what is needed to digest your food. Compound this with the fact that you no longer have enough to properly digest your food so more of it becomes waste in the body which is again stored as fat and it’s easy to see how this can be a compounding problem. Gall Stones can be cleansed out safely and cheaply while they are still in the liver with some of those more harsh cleanses but can save your Gall Bladder in the long run. For those who are missing their Gall Bladders, supplementation with Bile and HCl (stomach acid) supplements has made HUGE differences in reaching their goals. One of SIMPLEST ways to get more of the HCl is again the hot lemon water, lemon juice is very similar in composition to stomach acid and if you don’t have a Gall Bladder you may want to consider having a cup at every meal!

If you are struggling or want more information, do some research on your own, or talk to Raquel. She is at the Monday Towson class almost every week (except this coming when she’ll be in NYC) and also available by phone. I can provide you her information if you would like to send me a note back. She can work with you to provide some of the best of the best homeopathic supplements available. If you just want the Liver by Nikken, talk to me, I can get added to my monthly shipment.

And stay tuned next month for Tip #2 Open up the GI tract
Often in the homeopathic world when someone is struggling with weight your homeopath will look at the GI tract for how clogged up it may be. The most famous example of this is the reports that when he died, Elvis Presley had a 60-lb colon!!! This is scary to think of but in working with clients I have found that this seems to be true. We will talk about how to support a healthy GI tract from top to bottom, scarring and adhesions that may be holding you back and MORE!

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