Slower Loser Guide (Post 3 of 4) Tip #2 – Open up the GI tract

Often in the homeopathic world when someone is struggling with weight your homeopath will look at the GI tract for how clogged up it may be. The most famous example of this is the reports that when he died, Elvis Presley had a 60-lb colon!!! This is scary to think of but in working with clients I have found that this seems to be true.

Starting at the TOP of the digestion process, we have to make sure that we are digesting our food properly. Because so much of the food we eat is processed or grown in depleted soils the enzymes that should be included in the food to aid in our digestion process are missing. I used to think that supplementing with digestive enzymes was a waste of money and timing but in recent years I have really come to appreciate how much of a difference my enzymes make in keeping everything moving. The most simple way to get your enzymes is to eat something like papya with your meal, or drink hot lemon water or apple cider vinegar in water. You can even add a touch of Raw Honey to the mix to really keep things moving. However, these tricks will only get you so far and if you are further along in age, or more depleted, or missing a gal bladder like we discussed in our last tip; then these tips will only provide a fraction of what you need to digest your food. For a simple enzyme tablet you can try the Super Papya Enzyme from Vitamin World, find it at and use the drop down box to find Vitamin World and search under digestive aides. The Pineapple Bromelain, 120 Tablets are also good for digestion of proteins. If you have more severe digestive issues, you can get the HCl, Fat or Protein Digestion tablets from Raquel Rosas in the Monday night class.

Another very important thing that the stomach and intestinal lining need are probiotics. The balance of these very important organisms that keep the body in balance and help keep things like sickness and other infections at bay. They are often disrupted by the use of anti-biotics for illnesses and while we rebuild them some, often if the gut is clogged they are still out of balance long after we have stopped taking the anti- biotics. I use several of these including yogurt most days, I prefer Chobai Greek yogurt because it is higher in protein and lower in sugar, but any organic brand is also good. I also really like the chewable acidophilus by American health. I will also pop these yummie little wafers when my stomach starts to bother me and they often soothe. You can find these through the site at the Vitamin Shoppe drop down. My husband is a fan of Acidophilus Pearls as well, these really help him when he is having issues and imbalances. If you need something stronger, you can also get Flor Enz from Raquel if you need something stronger

Moving down the Gi tract the colon itself needs to be cleared out as well in order to lose weight. Many of my clients who are really stuck, are literally stuck. They are usually suffering from a clogged colon. There can be many factors that effect this and getting things moving may take more than just doing a great colon cleanse like the Fibertox from T-Tapp available at any class or Cleanse Factor from People’s Products which can be found at bin/genesis.exe/st_main.html? p_catid=128&p_venshow=N&sid=3stGwB2DGHVg7-u- 59109270923.ea This is a great cleanse, however may not be as effective as you would like if you are suffering from adhesions (scarring inside the GI tract) this cleanse will only do a little to clear out your colon. Adhesions are a sign of a larger problem, often caused by stress, parasite issues and just a bad diet that cause the colon to struggle to move food through. Dr Chad Blaker can do the Graston technique to help remove these adhesions manually or you can take a homeopathic remedy to help dissolve them which is a slower, but more comfortable process. Getting the gut open is a VERY important process in losing those inches. One last issue with the colon that we address to a degree in the workout but can be further aided by a Colon Lift by Dr. Chad is the actual location of the colon. When it becomes weighed down with excess food that is not moving properly it will become prolapsed, or sink onto the other organs in the belly. This will cause it to become even more sluggish because now the food is not travelling in the proper path and it has to work even harder. The Organs in Place sequence, both standing and on the floor are very important in beginning the moving process. And if you are really stuck getting a colon lift is vital in getting things moving. Make sure you are helping your body help itself by taking enzymes and probiotics to support digestion in the stomach and small intestine and then get the colon moving with a good cleanse. My husband was blown away at how many inches he was able to lose without adding extra workouts to his schedule when he started supporting this very important area of the belly. Remember all our T-Tapp movements will help the GI tract because they get everything moving but if yours is still slow you may want to give it some additional support!

And coming next month for Tip #3 Adrenal/Kidney exhaustion…reduce that STRESS
The adrenals are our vital energy regulators. These very important little “hats” on the kidneys are the glands primarily responsible for the stress response in the body. If we are under constant stress these little glands will eventually become exhausted and will no longer provide us the energy we need for every day tasks. When this happens the body will store all the calories we eat because it has no way to get enough keep the body moving any other way. A tell tale sign of adrenal exhaustion is the inability to lose weight as well as a constant state of tiredness. Because these glands are literally the HATS on the Kidneys supporting the kidneys is also vital to their health. We will talk about what you can do to support your kidneys and some other tell tale signs that they are over worked!