Carol K. Montgomery Village, MD – 15 Back Surgeries, Walked with a Cane, Homebound lost 24-inches in 13 days!

Carol Before

March 1, 2008

Carol 3 weeks later

March 22, 2008

Carol After

April 28, 2008


My name is Carol and I have quite a story. I am 46 years old and I herniated a disc in 1993. After a Laminectomy, a physical therapist pushed me too far and I ruptured the disc resulting in an additional surgery where the surgeon fractured my sacroiliac joint and crushed my sciatic nerve route. Throughout the next 14+ years I ended up having a total of 15 back surgeries, a pain stimulator implanted to give me any relief from the agony caused by the crushed nerve route, and two infections in my bloodstream that almost killed me. Working with doctors and several physical therapists I have still had several falls when my leg would just give out, broken bones, a torn rotator cuff, and more. I was so weak and sleep deprived the last three years that I have been completely homebound and was walking with a cane, slouched over. For years I couldn’t even do my activities of daily living like cooking or housework. I couldn’t shower but about once a week unless the home health aide came to help me. Before my ordeal, I was a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and before that ran a health spa and taught classes so being fit and healthy was important to me. I ordered every kind of exercise program there was to try to workout on my own, feel better and get fit again. I had little to no success and usually ended up with additional injuries! Even the physical therapist coming to my home 3 days a week for 3 months only made me worse. I had been looking for personal trainers in my area and they either wanted way too much money or didn’t want to work with me because of all the surgeries.

It was on a natural cures website that I learned about Tahitian Noni Juice and started doing that. I was doing so much better that I decided to get their Certification in the Tahitian Noni Tahiti Trim Plan 40. At the certification, one of Teresa Tapp’s trainers, Kiona, was there because Tahitian Noni has partnered with T-Tapp. I was so impressed. I talked to Kiona after her presentation and we set up an appointment for her to start training me. I was ecstatic. When she did the presentation I knew this was the plan for me. I had purchased the Basic Workout Plus through Tahitian Noni but Kiona told me I needed the T-Tapp MORE Rehabilitative program because of all my surgeries and rehab issues.

I went to the first session and she was awesome. I had looked on the T-Tapp website and read about all the workouts. I knew that I needed more especially being stuck in the house, so I ordered both Step Away the Inches and Hit the Floor workouts as well as the Cardio Stride Sneakers, Alfalfa, PG, and the Teeth Whitener. I went home and started working out. I was doing the bootcamp for 14 days. I started doing three to four 15-35 minute workouts a day. I was doing very well with the form between my background in fitness and Kiona’s training sessions. I had only measured my waist, and after the first week I had taken off an inch.

My rotator cuff was so bad that my pain management physician decided to do an injection so I took two days off. I started back up again and after 13 days I had taken off 24 inches!!!! The injection in my shoulder didn’t do much good. What really helped was the T-Tapp exercises for the arms. I wasn’t sore from working out, and I had so much energy. Before T-Tapp, I was only sleeping 1 to 1 ½ hours at a time. I would wake up from pain and not be able to go back to sleep. I would go days like that until I crashed. Now I am sleeping 5 hours or more straight through. My pain level has gone down tremendously. I don’t have to take any medication, hardly at all! I can turn my pain stimulator off for a while during the day. I haven’t used my cane in 2 weeks and I have not had one fall! I even did a little housework which I have not been able to do in over 3 years.

My son said not only do I look great but he wanted to know if I was on drugs because I was so happy (He Was Just Joking) and he likes seeing me smile again. I have been getting meals on wheels through the county I live in because I couldn’t cook. I will be canceling that soon because I want to cook again. THIS HAS BEEN A MIRACLE!!!

I went to get my hair done for the first time in 16 months and my stylist couldn’t believe what she saw. She was telling her mother and everyone else in the salon how I was so sick, bent over and walking with a cane, etc. She was just amazed. I took the T-Tapp “Yes You Can” DVD to my pain management doctor and he and is physician’s assistant wanted a copy too they were so impressed. My lawyer wanted a copy, and so did my orthopedic surgeon. Everyone can’t believe the changes they have seen in me.

I still have a lot of work to do and I will have to T-Tapp until the day I die. I love the workouts. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was not put on this earth just to sit around and watch TV. I am outgoing and I like being around people. I want to get well, and help others. I know that I can do it. I just have to be patient and keep working at it everyday. Kiona is a great trainer and I know that she has gone through a lot too. I commend her on the long and hard road that she had to travel with her various health issues to get where she is!!! She is an inspiration to me. I know that people have a lot of disabilities from injuries but what she went through is just as hard.

Now I am going to sell all the other exercise programs that I bought and couldn’t do. I am just so excited. I know that I will have to deal with my disability for the rest of my life but I am now going to be a T-Tapper for life to do it. T-Tapp has saved my life. I have hope for a future. It has shown me that I can get well and stronger. I am so grateful to Teresa and Kiona.

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