Theresa Shipe – “T-Tapp has done wonders for my spirit and body…I can’t thank Kiona enough!!”

I discovered T-Tapp summer of 2002 after surfing the net for the best leg exercises. I hit upon an article on Awesome legs. I tried the exercises -and was so impressed that I located the main T-Tapp website and so started the journey. I started training under Kiona Leah about a year ago with great results. T-Tapp has done wonders for my spirit and body. It has helped to virtually eliminated neck and back pain I was experiencing and has improved the lymphatic circulation in my body -particularly my legs. Kiona has been very inspirational, and her T-Tapp classes are fun, energetic and habit forming:). I can’t thank Kiona enough!!

Theresa Shipe – Columbia, MD

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