Dave S. – “[Kiona’s] knowledge of body mechanics and T-Tapp…have been the key to my losing and maintaining weight…”

Circuit training and the treadmill weren’t doing it for me anymore, and I was looking for a more comprehensive exercise program.  About the same time, the media was full of reports about how flexibility and balance needed to be maintained as one got older.  Kiona offered an introductory class at the gym I use, and I thought I would try it.  As I went though the routines, I was surprised to discover how poor my balancing ability had become over the years.  I’ve been attending Kiona’s weekly classes ever since.  Her knowledge of body mechanics and T-Tapp’s unique combination of stretching, no-impact but kick-butt aerobics, and coordination exercises have been the key to my losing and maintaining weight, increasing my flexibility, changing bad body habits, and feeling better than I have in years.

Dave S. – Laurel, MD

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