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OH MY ACHING BACK!  - Find out how Teresa and I and MANY others banned back pain for GOOD!


OH MY ACHING BACK and KNEE!  - Find out how Teresa and I and MANY others banned back pain for GOOD!  Learn more about my Knee Rehab Story and what I have done in less than THREE months using JUST T-Tapp and EXCELLENT Holistic Care!


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Weekly Classes

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Are your workouts getting a little dull? Do you want to kick it up? Do you want to meet new people and get some new T-Tapp ideas? Come meet great people, get support and see tweaks and techniques as well as moves you may have forgotten. Get re-enforcement every week! Consistency is the key to success with T-Tapp. That is what I try to teach each and every one of my clients so I offer weekly classes to support that goal.  Come check out a class!  If you bring a friend, you BOTH get your SECOND class FREE!  If you are a continuing student, refer a friend and get a Buy 1 get 1 FREE coupon!


Fresh Faces Classes (approx 6:30-6:50 pm) are for NEW Tappers, no matter how you found me.  Get the fundamentals in 20 minutes to kick start learning to become what I call a "Black Belt" in your T-Tapp basics. We will start with the T-Tapp concepts and break down the stance explained in detail.  Ending with HoeDowns and possibly throwing an additional move in between after this in depth moving intro you will be ready to join the workout class starting at 7:00.  It's only $5 for these Fresh Faces Intros and you can get a buy one get one FREE coupon for your first two FULL workout classes at 7:00. 


The Continuing Cast Classes (approx 7:00-7:50 pm) Classes start with the Basic Workout Plus or Total Workout and  will begin to include Step Away the Inches and other signature moves from the  Tempo Workouts, Hit The Floor, and even featuring “Ladybugs.”  Target Sessions in these classes have been a HUGE HIT, each month we focus on a target area of concern for the entire month so students REALLY see results and learn how they can take control of their own results.  These classes have included:

*   Booty Camp - for the back side to stop traffic

*   Booby Camp - also known as Pec Blast for the guys to lift, firm and tone the chest

*   Awesome Arms - the secrets without weights to amazing tone and muscle

*   Belly Camp - the flat firm tummy you always wanted

*   A Twist on T-Tapp - wring yourself out to get a smaller waist, hips, thighs and MORE

*   Long Lean Legs - Debulk thighs, sculpt calves AND find out how much your legs can help with a flat belly

*   Love Your Lats - the secret to fat loss FAST and surviving the holiday indulgences in too much sugar

*   Energy Camp - learn how to clear out the crud with super lymphatic pumping so the cells have more energy

*   Mind Over Muscles -  connect your brain to those 550 muscles T-Tapp works when you work it

Bring your questions, your mystery moves and more, we’ll go over it all!  Classes are perfect for beginners and more advanced T-Tappers.  Practice in between classes and bring back questions each week!

Classes will work for Fresh Faces becoming novice and more advanced T-Tappers. For the Fresh Faces if you purchase a T-Tapp Starter video at your first class and qualify for a Fresh Faces Class Card for only $40, that's just $10 per class!  Every week something different, more sculpting with slower form on Basic, more cardio with faster walking and depending on the level of skill of the clients the last week or two of the month even some target moves on the floor from the website!  Come out each week to see what's new.  


Monday Timonium Classes

Classes in Timonium, MD are held MOST Mondays from 6:30-7:50 pm at Megan Rich Physical Therapy in the workout studio.  Check out Megan Rich HERE!

Get Directions to Megan Rich Physical Therapy HERE!


Classes are $15 per individual class OR you can get 20% off with a class card!  Cards are $60 for 5 classes good over 8 weeks.  That's only $12 per class!  Remember bring a NEW person for the Fresh Faces class and you BOTH get coupons for Buy 1 Class get your SECOND FREE!


Wednesday Laurel Classes

Classes in Columbia, MD are held Wednesdays from 6:30-7:50 pm at The Seasons in the workout studio or the Clubhouse.  Check out The Seasons HERE!


Get Directions to Nourishing Journey HERE!


Classes are $15 per individual class OR you can get 20% off with a class card!  Cards are $60 for 5 classes good over 8 weeks.  That's only $12 per class!  Remember bring a NEW person for the Fresh Faces class and you BOTH pay $10 for a class (class cards are extended a week for referrals.)

Please note:  In the event of inclement weather, the classes follow the School System in which they are located closing schedule so if schools are closed or evening activities cancelled there will be no class.  So listen to your radio for details.


SUSPENDED but Stay Tuned for MONTHLY Thursday Night Classes in McLean, VA

Classes in MeLean are held EVERY OTHER Thursday from 7:15-8:05 pm at Ballet Petite Inc in the McLean Square Shopping Center.  Check out Ballet Petite HERE!

Get Directions to Ballet Petite  HERE!




THEY'RE HERE!!  The New HBK Class Cards   5 Classes in 8 weeks ONE LOW PRICE!

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