Jana B – Alexandria, VA – After struggling for 7 MONTHS…

Jana Before Jana After

…using regular diet and exercise with no results, I started T-Tapp and private sessions with Kiona. I’m actually down 13 pounds in the last month!! The best news is, MY DRESS FINALLY FITS ME!!! I feel so much better about that, since it didn’t fit and I was feeling so anxious about that! I have gone down at least 3 sizes since starting T-Tapp and am close to going down another. I’ve been getting EVERYONE into T-Tapp. I have gotten both of my parents and my best friend doing T-Tapp since I’ve been home. Plus, we have 6 people in Texas doing it at my friends house. They are all ordering the DVD’s online, and they are starting their own boot camp. I’m also walking 2-3 miles a day. I’m 4 pounds from losing 100 pounds in the last year and a half. I would not be having this much success without you and T-Tapp, I’m a true believer in that!

When I did my measurements, I was down 12 inches, I think…maybe MORE I wasn’t sure if I did them right.

Jana B

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