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Would YOUR Knee have Survived?

by Kiona Leah

Coming out of my first aerial you will see me hop off my left foot, it’s because my shoe slipped as I landed. No one’s fault, except a bad heel on a shoe.

Kiona Dancing AerialKiona Dancing Landing

Would YOUR Knee have Survived?  Keep in mind he’s 6’-4” tall so here I’m over 4’ off the ground . Well mine didn’t exactly either…You can see when I landed my left knee (on the right on the screen) wobbled and the foot is still facing forward. My meniscus, medial collateral ligament and patellar tendons were partially torn and several of the ligaments stretched and strained…however, watch the video I kept dancing for a while….because T-Tapp made me strong enough to minimize damage and be stable. Full recovery, without surgery…Yes I CAN!!!

What did I do to rebuild my knee?
I thought I would share with everyo...

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Carol K. Montgomery Village, MD – 15 Back Surgeries, Walked with a Cane, Homebound lost 24-inches in 13 days!

Carol Before

March 1, 2008

Carol 3 weeks later

March 22, 2008

Carol After

April 28, 2008

My name is Carol and I have quite a story. I am 46 years old and I herniated a disc in 1993. After a Laminectomy, a physical therapist pushed me too far and I ruptured the disc resulting in an additional surgery where the surgeon fractured my sacroiliac joint and crushed my sciatic nerve route. Throughout the next 14+ years I ended up having a total of 15 back surgeries, a pain stimulator implanted to give me any relief from the agony caused by the crushed nerve route, and two infections in my bloodstream that almost killed me. Working with doctors and several physical therapists I have still had several falls when my leg would just give out, broken bones, a torn rotator cuff, and more...

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Jana B – Alexandria, VA – After struggling for 7 MONTHS…

Jana Before Jana After

…using regular diet and exercise with no results, I started T-Tapp and private sessions with Kiona. I’m actually down 13 pounds in the last month!! The best news is, MY DRESS FINALLY FITS ME!!! I feel so much better about that, since it didn’t fit and I was feeling so anxious about that! I have gone down at least 3 sizes since starting T-Tapp and am close to going down another. I’ve been getting EVERYONE into T-Tapp. I have gotten both of my parents and my best friend doing T-Tapp since I’ve been home. Plus, we have 6 people in Texas doing it at my friends house. They are all ordering the DVD’s online, and they are starting their own boot camp. I’m also walking 2-3 miles a day. I’m 4 pounds from losing 100 pounds in the last year and a half...

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Amber C. – “In 7 days of T-Tapping I could see a difference already in how my muscles were longer and leaner”

I started T-Tapping for two reasons (1)  I needed a workout that would rehab my post-op knee without too much impact, and (2)  my friend Kiona from RPI is a T-Tapp trainer and highly recommended the workout to me.  Obviously I didn’t know much about T-Tapp [because] I was worried about it not being challenging enough!  T-Tapp is completely counter to the “conventional wisdom” but is far more effective than the weight lifting routines I learned when I did my ACE PT certification.  Conventional wisdom says that the more you do, the more you HAVE to do, and then trainers wonder how/why people start having joint problems and overtraining injuries...

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Emily Johnson – “I learned so much”

I’m loving the T-tapp video [Kiona introduced me to], although I enjoyed [her] classes even more!! That’s the truth! 🙂 I learned so much.

Emily Johnson – Fort Gordon, GA

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Terry – “I feel good, especially after the clinics…”

I was lacking energy and I needed to lose weight and get back in shape.  I went on line and found T-Tapp and Kiona was offering a class in Richmond VA so I signed up online.  I attended two of her classes in Richmond and leaned tips on walking in weighted shoes and TONS of form tips.  I feel good, especially after the clinics and I have many things and directions to focus on at one time.  Kiona has an abundance of knowledge and is very supportive in the way she shares it.  She makes you feel great about yourself.

Terry – Williamsburg, VA

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June Pierson – “You would find Kiona’s programs informative, fun, and a great way to make [healthy] lifestyle changes”

I met Kiona at a Nikken function where she introduced the T-Tapp concept. I was currently teaching a Lifestyle Energy & Weight management program. Kiona utilizes the T-Tapp exercise program to tone and shape the body, but also to lose weight, control insulin response, and raise metabolism up to 25%. T-Tapp concept uses a weighted shoe in its workout for balance and maximizing benefit for effort put forth. This is right in line with a healthy lifestyle I so firmly promote. Kiona is a delightful, energetic, and knowledgeable fitness trainer. I attended her T-Tapp session and found it to be fun and a great workout. You can feel the results. She has expertise in other areas of health as well. You would find Kiona’s programs informative, fun, and a great way to make those lifestyle changes.


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Norm – “Through [what] I learned from Kiona and being careful about what and how much I eat, I became non-diabetic and lowered my cholesterol levels”

I was in the process of a complete make -over, body, life-style, etc and I wanted to work on my core, lose some weight and increase my balance. I met Kiona at a dance and listened to how excited she was about what she does. So, I took one of Kiona’s class and if fit into my goals. I went on line and adopted some of the core exercises shown on the T-Tapp site. Through the principles of the workout I learned from Kiona and being careful about what and how much I eat, I became non-diabetic and lowered my cholesterol levels. Kiona started me on my path to change my exercise program. In addition to T-Tapp, I now lift weights on one foot, use a balance ball, etc.

Norm – Gaithersburg, MD

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Ann Quasman – “…with the T-Tapp workout…I can always find at least 15 minutes to work out. And, I always feel better for doing so.”

I am one of those people who really don’t like to exercise until I get a consistent routine going and start seeing and feeling the results. Give me 4 days off, and I will fall completely off the wagon. However, with the T-Tapp workout, even on the busiest days, I can always find at least 15 minutes to work out. And, I always feel better for doing so. This is also a workout I feel confident in sharing with other people and with the participants in our classes…it is a workout that works for everybody, regardless of whether they have never worked out or are a pro. Thank you, Kiona, for your enthusiasm, for keeping me inspired, and for sharing all of your wonderful fitness and wellness tips.

Ann Quasman – Baltimore, MD
Quality Life and Wellness Coach
Co-creator of the WHAT’S EATING YOU??? Wo...

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Theresa Shipe – “T-Tapp has done wonders for my spirit and body…I can’t thank Kiona enough!!”

I discovered T-Tapp summer of 2002 after surfing the net for the best leg exercises. I hit upon an article on Awesome legs. I tried the exercises -and was so impressed that I located the main T-Tapp website and so started the journey. I started training under Kiona Leah about a year ago with great results. T-Tapp has done wonders for my spirit and body. It has helped to virtually eliminated neck and back pain I was experiencing and has improved the lymphatic circulation in my body -particularly my legs. Kiona has been very inspirational, and her T-Tapp classes are fun, energetic and habit forming:). I can’t thank Kiona enough!!

Theresa Shipe – Columbia, MD

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